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Who We Are

MEDCO Consulting is a franchise recruiter. AT NO COST TO YOU, MEDCO WILL BRING YOU FULL CIRCLE. We do this by partnering with Business Alliance Inc. (BAI) of Seattle WA. BAI has been in business for 25 plus years and are experts in the franchise industry. They work with some 300 plus franchisors to make sure you can find a business that meets all of your needs from financial, hours, work environment and of course well managed with excellent growth potential.

MEDCO is with you every step of the way. First, we work with you side by side to find you the business you want and meets all of your criteria. We continue to stay with you through each additional sequence until you can say "I own my own business."

Once your business is up and running, we will be there for you once again, to help in any way you need to MAKE SURE YOUR BUSINESS IS A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS AND LIVES UP TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

Jon Spranger, Consultant

Jon is a strong believer in participative management and communicates with all of his people and suppliers regularly. He believes in everyone working together to achieve the goals and objectives that they have helped set and agreed on.

Jon owned and operated three companies for 40 plus years.

  • A manufacturing company that designed, manufactured and distributed a line of hospital grade air purification products. CLOUD 9 Sterile-Aire Air Purifiers was the only air purifiers ever registered by the EPA. They were marketed and sold internationally.
  • A commercial real estate company. This company owned, leased and operated some 950,000 square feet of commercial real estate.
  • An electronic manufacturing service company that specialized in printed circuit boards, including design, fabrication and complete turnkey manufacturing. They concentrated on medium to higher volume, mixed technology for the OEM market.

That experience gives him a better idea of what to expect and to foresee problems more clearly.

After Jon brought his companies Full Circle, he retired. Not long after he was retired, he decided he should start a company that would specifically reach out to help everyone who wanted to be in their own business. MEDCO Consulting was born. MEDCO'S MISSION IS TO HELP OTHERS DO WHAT HE DID WITH HIS OWN COMPANIES. BRING THEM FULL CIRCLE.

In Jon's weekly agenda, he makes sure that he has time allocated to volunteer one day a week at Willow Creek Church's Care Center and he is the Lead Greeter for Lakewood Chapel every Sunday. He greets every car arriving for that weeks service. He also helps and supervises the clean up after the service and complementary lunch every Sunday. Lakewood Chapel is the Chicago arm of Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, Houston, TX.

Let Jon put his knowledge, confidence and determination to work for you.

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